• Biodiesel : When diesel is made without oil or with a portion less of diesel oil, it becomes biodiesel. The term is applied to two different fuel types: diesel mixed with around 10 to 15% of fuel from vegetable oil and fuel from vegetable oil used in engines (alkyl esters and those obtained 100% from agriculture). Project SCODECE concerns engines capable of running on both types of biodiesel.


• Diagnostics : The diagnostics of a material system concerns all methods aimed at determining whether a machine is faulty or not. It also detects the origin of a breakdown from the information gathered by observations and tests.


• Diesel : Diesel is a fossil fuel which is produced through oil refining. In the road transport sector, one engine out of two runs on diesel fuel.


• ERDF : The European Regional Development Fund is the main funding programme used by the European Union in concern with the development of EU regions. It helps create pilot projects that propose new solutions for regional and local development.

• Interreg : Interreg is a European Union programme created to financially support transnational projects - thanks to ERDF - since borders should not prevent economic development across geographic zones, but make it consistent. Interreg IV is the 4th programme (2007-2013) and project SCODECE is supported by the Interreg IVA 2 Seas programme.


• Reliability : In the mechanical sense, reliability is a system's ability to accomplish its function in a given condition, over a certain period of time and without breaking down.


• Test bed : A test bed is a system which enables a product to be tested in the conditions that it would be used in, by varying a series of parameters, in order to observe and measure the product's reaction.


• Virtual simulator : This system allows researchers to study the result of an action on an element, without actually conducting an experiment on the element, by using digital models.